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Mariano Jacinto Descendants


1. Mariano Jacinto married Victoriana Villareal. Born out of this union were:

1.1 Antonia Jacinto (June 13, 1876 - Feb 19, 1966) married to Jacobo Fajardo (July 25 1876 - July 24 1941).
1.2 Perfecto Jacinto (born on April 18, 1884) married to Trinidad F. Palma (born on March 18, 1886)
1.3 Felipe married to a Tiya Adeng
1.4 Atchay
1.5 Tolay
1.6 Bianang
1.7 Maria married Roberto de Leon
1.8 Engracia "Asyang", the youngest of 6 girls

Born out of the union of Antonia Jacinto and Jacobo Fajardo:
1.1.1 Demetrio "Metring" Fajardo (Nov 10, 1902 - Dec 15, 1973) married to Encarnacion Goco (Dec 19, 1904 - Mar 13, 1984)
1.1.2 Angelina "Gely" Fajardo (Feb 1, 1907 - March 14, 1978) married to Francisco Tongoy Lopez (April 2, 1904 - May 2, 1973)
1.1.3 Abelardo "Larding" Fajardo married to Paz Perez
1.1.4 Pacita "Titang" Fajardo married to Edgardo Villavicencio
1.1.5 Corazon "Chong" Fajardo married to Antonio del Castillo
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Born out of the union of Demetrio Fajardo and Encarnacion Goco were: Lourdes "Luding" Fajardo married ot Arturo Nerit Jacobo Fajardo Leticia "Lety" Fajardo married to Rody Nicolas Consuelo Fajardo (Jan 18, 1933 - June 8, 1947) Caesar Fajardo married to Magdalena Abad Jaime Fajardo married to Lily Marquez Augusto "Titong" Fajardo married to Carmencita "Chit" Bengson. Link to the Fajardo-Bengson Family Site.

Born out of the union of Angelina Fajardo and Francisco Lopez were: Asuncion "Sony" Lopez married to a Gonzalez Arturo "Macky" Lopez married to Amy Gustilo Teresita "Titchy" Fajardo-Lopez (March 11, 1937 - July 28, 19xx) married to a Marquez-Lim.

Born out of the union of Abelardo Fajardo and Paz Perez were: Cristina Fajardo married to an Ocampo Armando "Toots" Fajardo married to a Carmona

Born out of the union of Pacita Fajardo and Edgardo Villavicencio were: Ramon "Chito" Villavicencio married to Carolina "Carol" Nadal Enrique "Iking" Villavicencio Priscilla "Illa" Villavicencio Virginia "Gina" Villavicencio married to Edgardo "Egay" Narvaez Erlinda "Linda" Villavicencio Elvira "Billie" Villavicencio married to Leon "Onie" Mayo Esperanza "Nena" Villavicencio Eulalio Villavicencio Ernesto "Ernie" Villavicencio married to Rosario "Ria" Benedicto
View the Family Chart of Edgardo and Pacita.

Born out of the union of Corazon "Chong" Fajardo and Antonio del Castillo were: Cielo del Castillo married to Robbie Esquivel Rolando "Dondon" del Castillo Christy del Castillo married to Ricardo "Dong" Puno Gil del Castillo married to Evangeline Samson Cynthia del Castillo married to Neil Corso, Jr.

Maria Jacinto de Leon had 2 offsprings namely:
1.7.1 Pacita "Paz" de Leon
1.7.2 Solita de Leon
Paz and Solita adopted a girl named "Helen"

Engracia "Asyang" Jacinto married Aurelio Zialcita Periquet, Sr. She passed away at the young age of 36 years old while giving birth. Born out of the union of Asyang and Aurelio were:
1.8.1 Peping Jacinto Periquet who passed away in 2007
1.8.2 Aurora Periquet Lebron who passed away in 2008
1.8.3 Rosa "Rosing" Periquet (born Aug 30, 1928) married a Roy.
Born out of their union were: Rosanna married to Adrian Canlas Raul Periquet Roy passed away in 1975 Rene Roy married Angela Tanjatco Manlapit

Perfecto Jacinto married Trinidad Palma on Jan 28, 1904. Born of this union were:
1.2.1 Alfredo Jacinto (Nov 8 1904) married Elisa Reyes (July 22 1908).
1.2.2 Jose Jacinto (Dec 27 1905) married Amanda Montes (Feb 6 1906).
1.2.3 Arturo Jacinto(Oct 6 1907) married Petra Ocampo(Jun 8 1906).
1.2.4 Hermogenes Jacinto (Feb 26, 1909)
1.2.4.a married Segundina Chua (March 29, 1910)
1.2.4.b married Mitchie Suda (March 17, 1918)
1.2.4.c with Rumiko
1.2.5 Ricardo Jacinto (Aug 18 1910-Mar 27 1980) married Natividad Esguerra (Nov 7 1913)
1.2.6 Fernando Jacinto(Jul 6 1913) married Carina Santos(Nov 7 1916)
1.2.7 Araceli Jacinto(April 5 1915) married Perfecto Borlongan(April 6 1906)
1.2.8 Victoria Jacinto(Aug 4 1919) married Federico Arranzamendez (Nov 2 1912)
1.2.9 Milagros Jacinto (Jan 10 1925) married Alberto Jose (Jun 6 1916).

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Alfredo Jacinto married Elisa Reyes on Nov 8, 1920. Born out of their union were: Godofredo Jacinto (Jan 10, 1922) married to Rita Durango (Dec 22, 1923) Gloria Jacinto (Jan 19, 1924) married to Federico Limson (Dec 25, 1921) Iluminada Jacinto (Sept 7, 1927) married to Horacio Marella (Feb 23, 1923) Armando Jacinto (April 4, 1934) married to Carmen Suico Conrado Jacinto (Oct 25, 1935) Pacita Jacinto (April 18, 1938) Violeta Jacinto born in 1940.

Jose Jacinto married Amanda Montes on Dec 27 1923. Born out of their union were: Amelia Jacinto (Sept 17 1924) married Ramon Tupas (Dec 11 1923) Adelaida Jacinto (Oct 14 1925) married Johnny T. Smith (March 31 1925) Roberto Jacinto (Nov 14 1926) married Aida de Leon (Oct 29 1927) Manuel Jacinto (born Dec 18 1928) married Margarita Errea (Jan 28 1932) Guillermo Jacinto ( June 12 1932) married Caridad Jamora (Feb 28 1932) on June 26 1952. Alfonso Jacinto (Sept 2 1933) married Priscilla de Leon (July 10 1932) on April 23 1951. Pilar Jacinto (1939) married Roberto Santos (Dec 2 1930). Remedios Jacinto (1947) married Romulo Rodriguez.

Arturo Jacinto married Petra Ocampo on Aug 11 1928. Born out of their union were: Estrella Jacinto born on June 7, 1930 and married to Hilario Lopez. Ramon Jacinto born on July 14, 1932 and married to Filomena Sta. Maria. Evalina Jacinto born in 1937 and married to Eriberto Fojas. Leonides Jacinto born in 1938 Vicente Jacinto born in 1940 and married to Evelyn Sta. Maria. Arturo Jacinto, Jr. born in 1945 and married to Marilou Tolentino. Leticia Jacinto born in 1947 and married to Arthur Lopez Ernesto Jacinto born in 1948 and married to Maria Luisa Ortega.

Hermogenes Jacinto married Segundina Chua on Jan 20, 1929. They were eventually divorced. Born out of the union of Hermogenes and Segunda were:
1.2.4.a.1 Jaime Jacinto (May 4 1930) married Amparo Acuna (Jan 19 1932)
1.2.4.a.2 George Jacinto (Aug 28 1931) married Annie Shotwell (Sept 7 1932).
1.2.4.a.3 Corazon Jacinto (Nov 17 1933) married Jess Villegas.
1.2.4.a.4 Felicidad Jacinto (1935) married Andres Benipayo.

Hermogenes Jacinto married Mitchie Suda on Sept 8, 1938. Born out of the union of Hermogenes and Mitchie were:
1.2.4.b.1 Linda Jacinto born in 1941 and married Eddie Marcelo.
1.2.4.b.2 Lydia Jacinto born in 1942 and married Willie Chuanico.
1.2.4.b.3 Hermogenes Jacinto, Jr. born in 1944 and married Evelyn Apacible.
1.2.4.b.4 Nicanor Jacinto born in 1948 married:
1.2.4.b.4a Beatriz Jose
1.2.4.b.4b Jocelyn Gaqui

Born out of the union of Hermogenes and Rumiko was:
1.2.4.c.1 Junko Jacinto.

Ricardo Jacinto married Natividad Esguerra on Nov 10 1929. Born out of the union of Ricardo and Natividad were: Alicia Jacinto (Sept 29 1930) married Benjamin Florido. Benjamin Jacinto (July 14 1933) married Josefina Cruz. Carolina Jacinto born in 1936 and married: Alfredo Dizon on June 10 1953. Henry Calix. Diwata Jacinto born in 1940 and married Conrado Amores. Emma Jacinto born in 1944 and married Luis Rodriquez. Francisco Jacinto born in 1947 married Flora Orias. Gertrudes Jacinto born in 1950 married Wilfredo Estrada.

Fernando Jacinto married Carina Santos on Oct 6 1935. Born out of the union of Fernando and Carina were: Antonio Jacinto born in 1938 and married Manolita de Leon Fernando Jacinto, Jr. born in 1939 and married Joyce Abell Rogelio Jacinto born in 1941 and married Edelwisa Vitug George Jacinto born in 1944 and married Lilia Isnani

Araceli Jacinto married Perfecto Borlongan on Jan 6 1943. Born out of the union of Araceli and Perfecto were: Gerardo Borlongan born in 1945 and married to Norma Quiton Celia Borlongan born in 1953

Victoria Jacinto married Federico Arranzamendez on April 30 1938. Born out of the union of Victoria and Federico were: Federico Arranzamendez, Jr. born in 1942 and married to Lualhati Dolorito Victoria Arranzamendez born in 1944 and married to Ireneo Eloriaga Leopoldo Arranzamendez born in 1945 and married to Salud Quizon Leonides Arranzamendez born in 1950 and married to Lu Archilla

Born out of the union of Milagros Jacinto and Alberto Jose were: Diosdado Jose born in 1945 Remedios Jose born in 1947 Rafael Jose born in 1949 married to Linda Solchaga Rufino Jose born in 1950 Manuel Jose born in 1952 Milagros Teresita Jose born in 1953 married to Ernie Bobadilla Consuelo Jose Godofredo Jacinto married Rita Durango on March 14 1943. Born out of their union were: Elizabeth Jacinto born in 1944 Catherine Jacinto born in 1945 Wilfredo Jacinto born in 1948 Rolando Jacinto born in 1950 Alfredo Antonio Jacinto born in 1951 Alejandro Jacinto born in 1953 Gloria Jacinto married Federico Limson on Jan 6, 1944. Born out of their union were: Corazon Limson born in 1944 Jaime Limson born in 1946 Ricardo Limson born in 1947 Federico Limson, Jr. born in 1949 Teresita Limson born in 1950 Susan Limson born in 1953 Iluminada Jacinto married Horacio Marella on May 24, 1952. Born out of thier union was: Maria Teresa Marella born in 1953 Amelia Jacinto married Ramon Tupas on Dec 21 1947. Born out of their union were: Rosario Tupas born in 1948 Luisito Tupas born in 1949 Imelda Tupas born in 1952 Ramon Tupas, Jr. born in 1954 Adelaida Jacinto married Johnny T. Smith on Jan 25 1945. Born out of their union were: Roscoe Smith born in 1946 Johnny Smith, Jr. born in 1947 Katherine Smith born in 1949 Mary Ann Smith born in 1951 Roberto Jacinto married Aida de Leon on Nov 20 1946. Born out of their union were: Herminia Jacinto born in 1948 Danilo Jacinto born in 1949 Rodeline Jacinto born in 1951 Manuel Jacinto married Margarita Errea on Oct 7 1949. Born out of thier union were: Yolanda Jacinto born in 1950 and married to Rolando Tan Cristina Jacinto born in 1952 Pilar Jacinto married Roberto Santos. Born out of their union were: Robert Santos married to Carol Ann Garcia Socorro Marie Santos married to Neri Secillano Alan Santos married to Olga Gerocha Edward Santos married to Karina Manulid

1.2.4.a.1 Jaime Jacinto married Amparo Acuna on Nov 29 1952. They had a daughter named:
1.2.4.a.1.1 Mary-Joy Jacinto born in 1953.

1.2.4.a.2 George Jacinto married Annie Shotwell. Born out of their union was:
1.2.4.a.2.1 Annielie Jacinto born in 1953. Benjamin Jacinto married Josefina Cruz on June 30 1959. Born of their union were: Danile Jose Jacinto born in 1961 Maria Rowena Jacinto born in 1963 Mary Jocelyn Jacinto born in 1965 Benjamin Jacinto, Jr. born in 1966 Ricardo Joseph Jacinto born in 1977 Carolina Jacinto and married Alfredo Dizon on June 10 1953. Born out of their union were: Ricardo Dizon Reynaldo Dizon Carolina Jacinto and married Henry Calix. They had a son named: Joel Calix Diwata Jacinto married Conrado Amores. Born out of their union were: Josephine Amores Elizabeth Amores Emma Jacinto married Luis Rodriquez. Born out of their union were: Luis Rodriguez, Jr. Ricardo Rodriguez Francisco Jacinto married Flora Orias. They had a daughter named: Marian Fatima Jacinto Gertrudes Jacinto married Wilfredo Estrada. Born out of their union were: Glyn Estrada Janna Estrada

Note: The genealogical numbering system used above is the "Vee Numbering System" which I started using in 2010. It is a modified version of the D'Aboville System which is similar to the Henry System and the modified Henry System. The "Vee Numbering System" enables a computer to use the numbers to keep track of the relationships, to allow representation of multiple partners and for ease of understanding.