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Eduardo Gutierrez-David


Eduardo Gutierrez-David was born to Mateo Gutierrez Ubaldo and Gabriela David.

During the Spanish period, some family names adapt the style of having the paternal surname followed by the maternal surname. Thus, the name of Eduardo has his paternal surname of Gutierrez followed by her maternal surname of David.

1. His father, Mateo Gutierrez-Ubaldo was a signatory to the 1896 Malolos Constitution. Mateo married Gabriela David and they had 9 offsprings. Included here are:

1.1. Amado

1.2. Eduardo Gutierrez-David married to Florencia Fajardo (daughter of Justino Fajardo and Andrea Puno). Eduardo was the Legislative Representative for the 1st District of Pampanga during the 3rd and 4th Philippine Legislature (1912-1916, 1916-1919) and Judge in the Court of First Instance in Luzon and Visayas

1.3 Jose Gutierrez-David, the youngest of nine children was born in Bacolor, Pampanga on Jan 29, 1891. He was married to Concepcion Roque and died on March 27, 1977. He was a constitutional convention delegate in 1934 and a signatory to the 1935 Philippine Constitution. He was also a former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines (August 28, 1959 - January 29, 1961) during the administration of President Garcia. Jose was the youngest child.

Born out of the union of Eduardo Gutierrez-David and Florencia Fajardo were:
1.2.1 Elisa Fajardo Gutierrez married to former Ambassador Emilio Abello, Sr.

Born out of the union of Elisa Gutierrez and Emilio Abello were: Manuel Abello, former SEC Commissioner and Harvard Law graduate Dr. Emilio Abello, Jr. Jose Maria Roberto Eduardo

Born out of the union of Jose Gutierrez- David and Concepcion Roque were:
1.3.1 Perla, a medical doctor and married to Dadong del Rosario
1.3.2 Jose, Jr., a chemist
1.3.3 Leonardo, a lawyer
1.3.4 Felicitas
1.3.5 Amaury (former head of Caltex, Philippines)
1.3.6 Alicia
1.3.7 Irma



Note: The genealogical numbering system used above is my own numbering system called the "Vee Numbering System" which I started using in 2010. It is a modified version of the D'Aboville System which is similar to the Henry System and the modified Henry System. The "Vee Numbering System" enables a computer to use the numbers to keep track of the relationships, to allow representation of multiple partners and for ease of understanding.