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Jacobo Fajardo had two offsprings with Camilla Ventero of Dumaguete namely:
1.1.2b.1 Francisco Fajardo, single and a soldier who died during World War II.
1.1.2b.2 Gloria Fajardo married to Jose Baldevarona of Imus Cavite

Gloria had 11 children and died at the age of 79 years old in 2005. One of her daughters is Ma. Corazon Baldevarona married to Jesus Nubla.

According to Cora, she was named after Corazon del Castillo, the youngest daughter of Jacobo with Antonia Fajardo. Cora said that her mother, Gloria and her uncle, Francisco did not grow up together. Jacobo brought Gloria to Manila when she was still a child. Francisco would from time to time watch Gloria from afar without introducing himself.

Cora also said that Jacobo visited Gloria before he went to the USA for cancer treatment. Since Gloria was not around, Jacobo wrote a note on a piece of paper and telling her that he will introduce her to her half-siblings when he comes back from the USA. He signed the note as "Jake". Unfortunately, Jacobo passed away in the USA.

Cora's daughter is Timmy Nubla, a former newscaster of ABS-CBN. She has a son, Servillano Nubla who is a nurse in Los Angeles.

Below are some pictures of Gloria Fajardo Baldevarona and Corazon Fajardo del Castillo:

Gloria and Chong Photo 1

Cristy, Cora, Gloria, Chong

Gloria and Chong Photo 2

Cora, Gloria, Chong

Gloria and Chong Photo 3

Corazon Fajardo del Castillo and Gloria Fajardo Baldevarona

With de Leon

With the de Leons